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At the end of June, my folks flew out to see us. They were here to watch the decline of Daniel's health before we took him into the urgent care clinic. The time they were here was not as fun and games as we all hoped for. The first night they were with us, Daniel couldn't hold down his dinner. That was the beginning of the "something's not right with him". I wanted to show them so much of Michigan, we wanted to take them to Troy and show them our original landing, we wanted to take them to Lake Erie, Ann Arbor, and possibly the Upper Peninsula (places we have yet to go still).

I'm glad they were here, however. They were here to help my emotions while we watched Daniel get worse not knowing what was wrong and fearing the worst. They were here to keep the kids away from me when I needed to scream or cry. They were here to stay with Daniel's siblings while he and I were in the hospital and his Dad still had to work and go to the classes he's taking. They were here to help keep Evie occupied while I couldn't really give her attention because I was needing to give everything to Daniel in the first couple days after returning from the hospital.

They were here for most of what I'm considering the newborn phase of diabetes. Today, however, was their flight home. Newborn phase over. It reminds me of when I brought home each child from the birthing center and eventually, my husband had to return to work. It was so hard to say goodbye. I'm afraid I showed no emotion because I knew if I did, I'd start bawling and not be able to hold it back.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for being here for me while you were here.

Love you.

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