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Today, my family grew a little bigger. By that, I mean.. I've adopted a new sister.

This afternoon we had a new friend over. This family was mentioned to me when Daniel was diagnosed. They go to our church and they have a little girl who is around Daniel's age and she was diagnosed in May. After we got connected and we had our first phone call, we figured out that my neighbor just so happens to be her REAL sister.

Anyway, they came over today, and we got to let the kids play in a safe environment together for a while and just have coffee and unwind. It was a big blessing to me!

Then, the kids came to us when they started getting hungry for an afternoon snack. So they both got their diabetes bags and they checked their blood sugar, side-by-side. It was a heartwarming thing to witness. :)

We won't know how it was a good meeting for them yet.. but I'm sure the little pearls will start dropping soon and we will see how good it was for them to be around another T1D.


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