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Yesterday I emailed to contact the person the clinic said to contact about getting Daniel in the process of obtaining a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor). She emailed back quickly and we started that ball rolling, anticipating hoops to jump through.

Today, she called me and announced that our insurance will cover the CGM 100%! No co-pay, no patient cost! Yahoo!!!! I'm so elated! Let me tell you more about this device...

A continuous glucose monitor has "a small sensor that measures glucose levels just underneath the skin and a transmitter that is fastened on top of the sensor and sends data wirelessly to the system receiver or a compatible smart device." (https://www.dexcom.com/continuous-glucose-monitoring)

I'm excited for this because it means less finger pricks (he will still need them occasionally, 2x every day for calibration and if he's having symptoms of low with the monitor not showing low, etc.). This device will also give me peace of mind when he's overly active--allowing me to back off and helicopter less. On top of this, it will help when school starts because they can watch his numbers throughout the day without having to prick his finger to check. So, before PE for example, they can look at his monitor and determine if he needs a snack before hand because exercise can bring his sugars way down.

Insurance covering it 100% was a TOTAL GOD THING! One of my biggest anxiety triggers is money and the idea of not having enough to cover our NEEDS. This device will save us money because of that coverage. Big God Thing!

Then.... because I didn't think of questions 'til after talking to the rep; when we went to lunch to celebrate this God thing, He supplied us the opportunity to run into a friend. Another T1D child! Someone whom we were told about by the friend who came to our house last week, someone who found us at the walk, but we both were not in a place to talk--it was during the walk portion, at a pit stop. This friend thought they recognized us, but it was completely confirmed when the boy saw that Daniel was wearing the T-shirt we earned from the walk. Sweet little Dawson (a couple years younger than Daniel, but 1 year into T1D) asked... "Are you a diabetic?" :) They hit it off right away. He showed us his CGM.. and to top it off because God likes to WOW me... He had a low sugar incident while they were playing. He felt it happening and told his mom right before his CGM did! So, we got to see it in action, too!

God is so good!


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