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Last week was a super busy week for us. For me. Brad was away on business, our house back in Oregon needed attention, school, doctor's appointments (planned and unplanned), pump adjustments, increasing cost of bills issues that required immediate attention and lots of phone time, and on top of all that, we were supposed to be on TV.

I want to apologize for that last one. We made it to the televised fundraiser and we were on tv, but... they did not put it online, or at least in a viewable format online. If they did, I was not given the right information on where to send people to "tune in". I am trying to find out if anyone local managed to record it for us. Since we were only told we'd be on sometime between 9pm and 10pm, it made it difficult to record only our 3 minute interview. Our person who was going to attempt to record it ended up missing it by less than 10 minutes.

It was an experience to remember, for sure. For me, not so much in a good way. There were so very many families there, so there wasn't quite enough time for prepping us on things like where to look, what to say, what questions would be asked, etc. There was a doctor who ended up showing up to go on with us on behalf of our endocrinology office, but I have never met this one. I thought the interviewer was going to ask the doctor questions and then ask Daniel questions. Instead, the interviewer put me on the spot before talking to the doctor and I froze. I wanted to share everything and not embarrass Daniel knowing this would be going on our blog, facebook, and his teacher planned to show the class on Monday. I felt like a bumbling dum-dum. I had a hard time focusing because it was such a small space and there were so many people in it. It was not what I was expecting at all.

That being said, it was for charity and our hospital received so much in donations that night that I was impressed. It started at 7pm and we were on about 9:20pm. The ticker when we went on was over $50,000 already.

Although I have no video footage of our experience, I do have photos that I took and can share with you all. If I manage to get a copy of the video, I will review it to see how we looked and let Daniel decide if it will go online or not.

For those of you who attempted to tune in online to watch us, thank you. It really means a lot to us.


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