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Well... it's been two weeks since we started with a new endocrinology office/team. I am happy to say... we have seen such progress on his blood sugar issues that began in June. He's in range 85% of the time for the last two weeks. Before our visit there, he was in range only 30% of the time.

Yesterday we ordered our team shirts for the JDRF Walk that's on Saturday. We have a team of 25 people and are over the moon excited to create a small sea of Irish Green (he liked that shade the best) on Saturday.

Today, we took his jar of money to the bank. He's been adding a dollar or two to it with almost every CGM (continuous glucose monitor) insertion. He was proud and excited, then his sugar crashed mid transaction. Diabetes doesn't care what you are doing. It acts on it's own sometimes. His CGM alerted me and him and his dad who is half-way across town. When his blood sugar reads below 55, it sends an alert to all the phones that are linked to his device. We moved aside to a chair and checked his blood sugar quietly. He had fruit snacks in the car on the way because his number was on the lower end. I should have waited for it to be higher before we went. I did apologize to him for that. It's okay. He's typically fine with public displays of diabetes. My boy... not afraid of staring eyes, just happy to respond that he's okay when people ask.

Unfortunately, we were both too tired and the bank starting to get the lunch rush in, to turn our situation into an educational and fund raising moment.

I'm still proud of him for saving that money for donating to JDRF to help find a cure.

If you want to donate, click on this link to go to our donate page. It's not too late.

Come back next week for pictures of the walk!

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