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Insulin pumps are not a cure for Diabetes.

Insulin pumps are a substitute for daily injections. However, they have to be applied to the person every 3 days at best. Sometime this application is painful. It also leaves bumps and bruises all over the areas of application. Imagine getting a poke from a decorative pin on your body every three days. It's better than getting a flu shot 5 times+ a day. Now imagine pulling a large band-aid off every 3 days. That's how they are removed. We use an adhesive remover product, but that's another expense that not everyone can afford.

Daniel has only been on an insulin pump since March of this year. That's 4 months. Today, we bagged up 45 used pump pods to send back to Insulet (Omnipod manufacturer) for recycling. Today, we put the 46th pod on Daniel's body. And it was a hard application. Sometimes it hits a nerve, literally.

I will say it again, insulin pumps are not a cure for diabetes.

Please help us raise money to find a cure. With your help, we can be hopeful that there will be a cure in Daniel's lifetime. The sooner, the better.

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If you are a Diabetic using the Omnipod system, were you aware of their free recycling program? They mail you the shipping packaging and an address label. You load it up with up to 50 used pods (no syringes, no decorations or skins), seal it, slap the label on, and drop it off at your local USPS drop station or call USPS for a free pickup.

If you haven't been participating in the Omnipod recycling program, call OmniPod Customer Care at 800-591-3455 to request the kit.

45 pods

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