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New year, new... something.

This school year, we met with Daniel's new teacher, his old teacher, the new principal and his diabetes care person. They are pushing training of almost all staff at the school and circling his picture and information through their email systems so everyone knows who he is. I am in awe of their commitment.

I prepared lock-down boxes for all major classrooms he'll be in, in case of natural disaster scenarios, and created a letter to substitute teachers (the branching point of the email the school distributed to staff members).

Since his schedule is slightly different in 3rd grade, we established new guidelines for gym and everyone has been amazing so far.

Evie has the same teacher that Daniel had last year and I'm so glad we get to keep her a bit longer.

Unfortunately, we get to be friends and encourage her and her new husband outside of the teacher/student family relationship, as her husband was just diagnosed this weekend with Adult Onset Type 1 Diabetes. I am blessed to be able to be there for her when I/we did not have someone close by who had already walked through it. I hope we are beneficial and not overwhelming to her and her husband.

I hate that this is happening to them, but I know God put Daniel in her class last year for this reason. She was so good at learning everything she could about T1D, that she has the basic information already to build off of in helping her husband be successful at life with T1D.

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