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Hi all!

I can't believe I haven't posted anything since right before Halloween!

Life has been busy.

We had a scare with Evie showing T1D symptoms and were checking her blood sugar for a few days. She turned out to be okay. Still, it's a fear that I can't help but have when she has symptoms like that, and with Daniel being a Type 1, she (And Jacob) are at increased risk of developing T1D themselves.

We had a good Thanksgiving break. Very little notable issues with blood sugar numbers, though Daniel's skin began reacting to the use of his insulin pump pods and continuous glucose monitor. We had to determine if it was the adhesive remover we were using to "gently" remove the devices, or if he was reacting to the adhesive. He seemed to have been recovering and having less issues after we changed our removal procedures and prep and attaching procedures. Only, he's seeming to have problems again.

Because of the prepping stuff, we are having sticking issues and are calling the pump company once every week or two to get a replacement. 

Christmas came and went like lightning. The kids haven't even been bothering me much while they aren't in school, even. Back to school on Monday and we aren't ready. This break has been good and we don't want to see it end, but alas, I can't teach my kids the way a school can. ;)

Daniel has been having some very complex emotional issues and we are working on getting him support. We meet with the school next Thursday to go over more assessment results. The whole team wants the best for him, we just have to figure out how to get that for him. Diabetes is a life altering diagnosis and, unfortunately, you can't take away his grown up knowledge of the implications on his life.

I might post a separate blog about when your kid can't be a kid anymore.

Until then, live your life and think of us occasionally.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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