daniel type i diabetic bracelet 1

Hi all!

In December, I was asked to co-moderate a facebook group for our local JDRF support group. Today, I had 3 expired Glucagon kits that I have saved up for practicing with. Nothing like a little hands on practice! This afternoon I created a live video on our local support group facebook page and Evie and I learned how to use a Glucagon injection. We practiced on Oranges, and we had intermittent Q&A sessions as we went along. Daniel helped us out with the video as well.

After we were done and the video was available for viewing, I downloaded it and put it into Youtube so I could share it with you all!

Here it is! Watch it! Learn it! You never know if you might be in a situation where a person is having a hypoglycemic seizure and you can save their life if they have a Glucagon in their supply bag. This isn't normally covered in first aid/CPR classes like the EpiPen is, and it's not like the EpiPen auto-injector because this medicine is not shelf stable in a liquid form.

We had a lot of fun making the video and we hope you have lot of fun watching, but most importantly, we hope it's useful in creating a comfortable knowledge in an emergency event.

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