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One year ago today, we did our unboxing video for the Omnipod Tubeless Insulin Pump system. the 19th of this month marks our one year on the Omnipod insulin system.

Unfortunately, Daniel's body has decided that Omnipod is not right for him. The past few months have really got to us. We have been having many issues since October that have just escalated recently. While the system is amazing for what it can do for freedom for most kids, we have been having issues with the cannula most often, and Ominpod only has one type.
We got word yesterday that our insurance is allowing us to switch pump brands to the Tandem T-Slim X2. Yes, he will have tubes to get used to having on him, but with his fanny pack, those should not be problematic (although he told me he wants to keep it in his pants pocket like the Tandem rep/trainer we met on Monday does with her insulin pump). We are changing because of the options for cannula insets in addition to the recently FDA approved Basal IQ feature. There are different cannula lengths, materials, and angles of entry so we will be able to make adjustments as we need to for his body type as he grows. The Basal IQ feature acts like a partially closed loop system, making adjustments to his basal (background insulin) based on his blood sugar readings from his Dexcom CGM. We are hoping that this change will also allow his skin to heal quicker and better as he is sensitive to the adhesives and the T-Slim infusion set takes up less space on his body than the Ominpod pods.

We are excited about this change and are hopeful that it will make our lives better with less failed pumps and high blood sugars.

Yesterday I had to go to the school to take care of that exact situation. His blood sugar got up to at least 489 via accu-check reading an hour after putting a new pod on and corrected his bg of 476 when the new pod activated.

We are moving on to a better future and taking it one day at a time.

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