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Last week we were due for Daniel's 3-month endocrinology visit.

Last week, the day before his appointment, he had tummy troubles. In the past, tummy issues have been a trigger for my anxiety. I would have thought that adding the Type 1 ER visit risks that are involved with tummy troubles, would have a very negative affect on my anxiety. We found out that, for now, the extra attention and thought processes around keeping him out of the hospital actually helped me with my anxiety. Go figure.

This was our first tummy involved illness since diagnosis. It was completely new territory for us, but I KNEW that it's one of the most dangerous illnesses to a person living with T1D. God was with us for this round, and we experienced no dangerous side effects to his tummy problems. No ketones, no severe low blood sugars, and I only had to call the endo team once. He had vomited a little bit in the morning, then nothing for 5 hours. At the 5 hour mark, he claimed hunger. We agreed on a lunch, and gave him the insulin for it up front like we always do. He took a bite, started chewing and then realized he misinterpreted the sensation he was experiencing and you can guess the rest. So, we had a meal sized amount on insulin on board and a now empty stomach. I called the endo team to get advice on how to carb him for the insulin in a way that would stay down and what to do following that (how often to check for ketones, what to do if he can't keep that carb load down, when to take him to ER, etc.). He ended up eating a frozen lemonade cup that was a rough equivalent to the carb he was planning to eat for lunch and, Praise the Lord, he kept it down. He was a bit on the lower side than his usual for the next 24 hours, but that wasn't a bad thing because he's been running higher and we were going to be adjusting things again. In fact, the data on our reports generated from his Dexcom CGM show that that day was his "best day" in the last 30 days. Go figure

I ended up needing to reschedule his 3 month visit because driving an hour and a half with a child who was recovering from a stomach issue isn't not a good idea. Then, I ended up being a bit sick the day after him.

So, the new appointment was set for the next week (yesterday, in fact) and it almost had to be rescheduled again because a small tree fell onto my van while I was on a childcare job (first day) in Lansing the day before yesterday. The tree busted my windshield and the van is now in the shop getting a look over to make sure the window is the only thing needing repair. Thankfully, Brad was able to work from home on short notice so Daniel and I could take his Jeep to Grand Rapids for his endo appointment yesterday.

The appointment went well. His A1C is up from 7.5 last time to 8.0 this time. That's too big of an increase for my liking. The endocrinologist helped us adjust his dosing to try and recoup the time in range.

We shared with the team that Daniel had named his pump George and they all loved it. When the endocrinologist was looking at his pump settings, however, he noted that the profile on the pump did not say George. He said, "If the pump's name is George, then why does it say Daniel?" So, Daniel allowed Dr. Jose to change the name on the pump to be George. I guess you can say it's official now. :)

Here's hoping the changes we made are effective quickly, as he went "HIGH" last night for a short time right after a correction dosing at blood sugar level of 347.

Pass the coffee.

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