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To those who are teetering on taking their concerns to the pediatrician,

Please, do it. Take them in. Yes, they might "just" be sick. Yes, they may be going through an emotional or growth phase that is making parenting challenging. Or, they may be slowly dying.

I don't want to scare you with the difficulty of the Type 1 Diabetes life. It IS hard, but... it's better than living without your child.

Please, don't wait.

Best case scenario, you pay a co-pay to find out they are safe and it's not life threatening.

But, what if it IS type 1 diabetes? What if you spend a small amount of money and time to prevent a worst case scenario of undiagnosed T1D. Let me remind you... Undiagnosed T1D is ALWAYS FATAL and it can go from small concerns to bad situation very quickly.

Here's what happens when you take that precious child into the doctor. You will tell them you know someone whose child lives with Type 1 Diabetes and you are concerned your child's symptoms are the same or similar. They will want to prick the child's finger and get a urine sample to check if they are spilling sugar and/or ketones. If the child's blood sugar is too high and they are spilling sugar and/or ketones, be prepared to go to the hospital. 

At the hospital, they will draw blood to run a serious of tests to determine the level of care the child will need while at the hospital. Most of the hospital stay will be to educate you on how to take care of your child at home. This is a LOT of information and it's scary. Especially when you are trying to not scare your kiddo.

It is okay to be scared, and it is okay to cry. It is okay to want to be strong for your kiddo as well. If you need to step out to cry, or hide in the bathroom for a bit, do it.

In this scary time, please remember that everyone learns at a different speed and the staff who are training you for your new job, train many families and can forget that you have never been through this training. ASK questions! It's OKAY! If you aren't comfortable leaving the hospital yet when they think you are ready, speak up! You don't have to leave just because they say you can. Please do NOT think about the money involved in staying there! You can deal with that later and there's usually payment arrangements you can make with the billing department when you receive your bill. Possibly, write offs can be made to decrease the total amount of money you "owe".

Try to remember to be there for your kid. Suck in their clingy-ness if they need you in that way. If you have more than one child and the others are safe at home with someone, trust in their caretakers and take this one-on-one time with the kiddo you are with.

Take pictures. Trust me. Take pictures when you are in the darkest parts of the diagnosis, and as the sun starts shining and the scary parts become less scary and things turn around; Take pictures.

I am so glad I took the pictures I did. We could have lost Daniel, and if we did, I'd want those pictures to help me mourn, and then to share with the world to possibly help prevent another unnecessary death. The pictures also show the progression of when the life started to fill his eyes and body again.

But, if you can only take one thing from this whole letter. I want it to be ...

Breathe. Just breathe.

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