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I apologize for the long silence on my end.

This year has been a whirlwind and it isn't even done blowing through.

This summer we had a couple extra kiddos to hang out with. Two lovely girls, sisters, and both living with type 1. They were under my care for 3 days each week. Let me tell you, 3 type 1's under one roof is definitely a challenge, but we found our groove and had a blast. When their last day with us came, there wasn't a dry eye from the kids. My heart was touched. The girls and our kiddos were hoping for them to come next summer as well, however, we made a big decision for our family at the beginning of the summer and we are in the middle of seeing that plan through.

In the coming months, MichiganChitwoods.com will have to get a new name because we are no longer going to be living in Michigan. Brad has accepted (and started a job) back in Portland, Oregon. The kids and I are working on wrapping up our Michigan lives while we sell our home here in preparation of moving across country, once again.

Michigan has been an adventure, but our hearts are leading us away from it and back to the Pacific NW.

Stay tuned for an update in the coming months for the new site information.

♥  Janelle

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