daniel type i diabetic bracelet 1

We arrived about 5:30am Michigan time, on March 14th. We still have not seen family. We’ve not seen friends, except for when we picked up Brad’s stuff and Jeep from Jerimiah’s house. It’s now June 25th.

100 and 4 days in Oregon. 104 days in isolation.

Has life happened? Sure. Have we had issues with T1D? Hell ya! We’ve had pump sites fall off, we’ve had pump occlusion alarms (blockage preventing insulin from getting infused), even difficulty finding the brands of foods we were used to in Michigan. With needing carbs combined with proteins, and soy-free so I can eat it, we are still learning to try different stuff, or expanding our shopping areas and finding the brands we miss. And unrelated to diabetes, we even struggled to get toilet paper at first.

The Schrodinger’s Insulin was found to still be viable. We opened them up around March 15th when we put them in the fridge, after verifying the fridge was in range temps. The vials were still looking clear. The insulin will change consistency when frozen.


insulinIf insulin is ever frozen in it's lifetime,
It will look like one of the first two pictures after thawing.


April 9th, we needed to use the insulin. It was still clear, and his numbers still responded when in use, therefore, the Insulin lives!

The house here could use some work. Issues we knew during inspection, that were not contract breakers, still need taking care of, but all in all we are making it home, and we are content with it.

Now, to leave you with happy things, here are various pictures I’ve taken since we arrived.

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