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It's 3:50 am and I'm wide awake. I just got done eating a small bowl of granola because after being awake for 30 minutes, my body thought it was breakfast time.
It's 3:50 am and I am wide awake. I might not get to fall back asleep for a while.
It's 3:51 am and I'm up.
I'm up...

Because Diabetes sucks.
I'm up....
Because his tech has failed us. The glorious tech that SAVES HIS LIFE... EVERY DAY failed us. And it sucks. The good thing is.. his blood sugar is okay... sadly, it's not going to be for long... because his continuous glucose monitor thought it wasn't and has been telling his pump to not deliver insulin for the last hour AND because I trusted the tech, I also gave him sugar.
His tech failed us...
The stinking thing was saying his blood sugar was below where it's supposed to be... It woke me up with an alarm to my phone. Praise God for this tech that can do that! I went in to my sleeping son, woke him up slightly, and gave him fruit snacks to chew. Then I sat on the edge of his bed and watched him sleep. I also watched his tech. I watched it say it was lower and lower and.... then my gut told me it was wrong. Praise God for His gift of the mommy gut! I got out his finger meter and saw his blood sugar was actually 174. High for sleeping! It should be around 110. His tech said he was..... 46.
His tech failed us...
So...I told it it was wrong. I went into the programming feature on his app and calibrated it. Then... it gave me an error and stopped working. I had to remove the sensor and put a new one on.... At 3:30am.
His tech failed us and it gets worse...
The sensor we put on is number 3 since 9:30 last night. The first one hit a vein and gushed blood as soon as it went in. This caused me to need to remove it immediately after inserting it, and apply pressure until it his body stopped leaking blood.
It's 4:02 am and I'm awake.

It's 4:02 am and God is still in my corner.
While his tech failed us and it's sucky to be awake in the middle of the night trying to fix it... I'm reminded of the God thing in all of this... we are spreading the insulin he can't use around the local Type 1 community and one mom gave me a sensor in exchange for a few vials of liquid gold. Now the one sensor sits... lonely... in our closet.. the last survivor... but my peace in tonight's storm. At least I know we have one more shot if this 3rd one in 6 hours fails us, too.
It's 4:04 am and I am awake.
Now to go report the two we lost so they can be replaced.
We need a cure.
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