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I can't believe I've gotten so relaxed about the frequency of posting and sharing on here.

Forgive me, my last blog was August, 2021.

I wanted to share a recent bummer. We were reminded that he still can't be a normal kid. Everything takes planning. Everything takes thought.

This school year, he's been schooling at home, thanks to a wonderful charter school that is a mix between virtual and in person. They were hybrid before hybrid was "cool". The in person aspects are enrichment and are once a week on Thursdays. He's such a "shy" or introverted person that he is very slow to want to socialize, so we haven't arranged any diabetes training with the school. At an IEP meeting in the beginning of the school year, we talked about if he'd be joining them for any enrichment and what kind of care they need to learn in order for him to be there. The school showed interest in going through training as soon as they can, just in case he decides to go. Since he can do most diabetes things on his own or with my help via texts or phone calls... the only issue is emergency lows. IF he has a low blood sugar that affects his ability to swallow, or (heaven forbid) he has a seizure, someone would have to administer an emergency dose of glucagon. Due to state covid protocols, volunteers are no longer allowed in the building, so I can't just hang out on the off chance he needs me.

So, fast forward... it's January. We had our annual endocrinology visit and I asked them to fax the district nurse so she can arrange for training the school staff. I am thinking we have plenty of time as he's not even remotely interested in going.


He asked me yesterday if he can go to an enrichment class.... a PE class. If it were a Math or a Science or something else less physical, I'd allow it with permission from the school. He has little chance of having a low blood sugar. However, it's PE. PE is a dropper of blood sugar. I, sadly, had to explain the situation and the current process status. I had to tell him no. I did check with him on WHY he wanted to do the PE enrichment. If it was just to exercise (he has a log he has to keep), if it was a "fun sounding one", or if he was wanting to socialize a bit with peers. I wanted to make it work for him if he was REALLY wanting to do it. But... his life is number one priority and if his life is a risk, it's not worth it.

Stupid diabetes!

So, I've contacted the school nurse, who never got the fax. I contacted the endocrinology team and they tried to send it again, having it fail. Now, I am waiting for a physical address from the nurse to give to the endo team to snail-mail it to her. Then, after she reviews it, she and I will discuss what training the school needs in order for him to attend.

In the meantime, we have a school organized field trip next week we are going on (I'm allowed for that), and he and I are going to plan walking into his weekly schedule and we will exercise together to get log time and fitness benefits.

I wish I could just sign him up and drop him off.

I wish he could just be a kid.

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